Important Announcement: June 30 Deadline for MiPCT Practices to Submit Notice of Intent to Participate in 2017 SIM MiPCT PCMH Initiative

MDHHS has released a nonbinding Notice of Intent process for practices who wish to participate in the PCMH Initiative, an MiPCT partnership with the State Innovation Model, in 2017.   The process has been streamlined for current MiPCT practices and is available at:   The deadline for returned responses is 5pm on June 30, 2017.   If desired by practices, POs may respond to the Notice of Intent on their behalf.  This will be followed in fall by a formal application process, with subsequent contracting.

Note that while the response to the Notice of  Intent is nonbinding (i.e. a provider/practice can choose not to apply after submitting their intent), it is required to be eligible to submit an application in fall.   Thus, MiPCT practices are highly encouraged to file responses to the Notice of Intent.   Attached to this week’s Flash is a PPT briefing on the Notice of Intent Process as well as a document that details the information and questions included in the Notice of Intent online link.

The Notice of Intent is designed to assist in identifying the number of interested providers and to prepare resources for supporting practices in 2017, and will be included as topics in the June 7 PO Quarterly Sustainability webinar as well as in the MIPCT segment of the PGIP meeting on Friday, June 10.


The Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project (MiPCT) demonstration period will end on December 31, 2016. The program will transition from a demonstration to an ongoing program in partnership with the State Innovation Model’s PCMH Initiative. The SIM PCMH Initiative is intentionally building upon and sustaining involvement of MiPCT providers and multi-payer participation, and leveraging the project’s existing infrastructure to advance the project model. Of note:

  • Discussions with participating commercial MiPCT payers is in process and looking positive for continuing participation. We are also interested in recruiting additional payers.
  • The existing 350 MiPCT practices will have the opportunity to apply for SIM PCMH Initiative participation, as will PCMH practices in the initial five SIM Community Health Innovation Regions (Muskegon County, Jackson County, Genesee County, Northern Michigan, and Washtenaw/Livingston Counties). The application process will begin in the summer of 2016 for a January 1, 2017 start date. The notice of intent process has already begun (see below).
  • The PCMH SIM Initiative is foundational for effective Accountable Systems of Care (ASC), and all ASCs are also POs currently participating in MiPCT.
  • Continued Medicare participation and payment for the PCMH Initiative is critical, and we are exploring alternatives with CMS and CMMI, including the CPC+ program as well as a “custom” application permitted by CMS guidance.

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