Voice of the Patient Initiative

The Voice of the Patient project is a collaborative effort between MiPCT and the Greater Detroit Area Health Council (GDAHC) to spread patient and family advisory councils in Michigan physician practices. The goal is to increase the understanding and use of patient input to solve problems, improve quality, and provide a unique and important perspective in our patient-centered care journey. Through the effort, five practices have initiated Patient and Family Advisor Councils (and received MiPCT Practice Learning Credits for their efforts!).

Practice Patient Advisory Council Recruitment: Patient Members Needed

Below is a link to a flier Care Managers or Physicians in MiPCT practices can give to MiPCT members or caregivers who would be good candidates for Patient Advisory Council participation. To make things even easier, at your request, we will send you a set of hardcopy fliers ready for you to hand out. If you want a set mailed to you, please let Jody Fisher (fishjody@umich.edu) know.

If you have any questions about the Patient Advisory Council, please contact Diane Marriott (dbechel@umich.edu) or 734 998 0390.

Practice Patient Advisory Council Recruitment Flier