MiPCT Webinar & Presentation Resources

MiPCT PO Webinars

MiPCT Quarterly Sustainability Webinar – December 6, 2016

MiPCT All-Payer Billing Collaborative Webinar

Care management Billing and Coding Webinar – November 15, 2016

PO Sustainability Webinar – September 6 2016

PO Quarterly Sustainability Webinar June 7 2016

May 2016

March 2016

  • MiPCT Quarterly Sustainability Webinar 3.21.2016 (SLIDES)

November 2015

July 2016

  • MiPCT Quarterly PO Webinar July 28 2015 V.1 (SLIDES) and (RECORDING) 7.28.2015

May 2015

July 2014

  • Health-Related Social Needs

MiPCT Billing Collaborative Webinars

  • MiPCT Billing & Coding Learning Collaborative Webinar: BCBSM Rejected Claims Deep Dive 10.13.2015 (RECORDING)(SLIDES)

2015 MiPCT Regional Annual Summit Webinar Recording 9.16.2015

  • MiPCT Regional Annual Summit Webinar September 16 2015 (RECORDING) (AGENDA)(SLIDES)(DOCUMENT-CMS Letter)
  • NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, the beginning of the webinar was cut off.  When you come to the Morning Break, you may fast forward through it using the controls at the bottom of your screen.  This break ends at 1:33:45.

MiPCT PGIP Updates

  • There was no MiPCT PGIP Update for 6.12.2015
  • MiPCT PGIP Update (SLIDES) 3.13.2015

MiPCT 2015 Clinical Focus Tiger Teams

MiPCT 2014 Annual Summit Webinar (10/9/2014)

  • 2014 MiPCT Annual Summit West AM Session, 8AM to Noon, Thursday, October 9, 2014 (RECORDING)

MiPCT PGIP Presentation (9/12/2014)

MiPCT Care Manager Leading Goals of Care Webinar

  • September 10, 2014 MiPCT Care Manager Webinar: Leading Goals of Care, presented by David Weissman, MD (RECORDING)

MiPCT Care Manager Palliative Care Webinar

  • August 27, 2014 MiPCT Care Manager Palliative Care Webinar: Giving Bad News/DNR, presented by David Weissman, MD (RECORDING) (SLIDES)

MiPCT National & State Evaluation Measures

MiPCT Physician Engagement Discussion with Fred Bloom MD