Medicaid Coordination

Practice Manager Emails for MiPCT Practices:

Practice Manager Emails for Current MiPCT Practices

The new five year Medicaid Managed Care Plan Contract includes a requirement for health plans to establish standardized work processes (including a single point of contact) between health plan care management staff and MiPCT care managers to promote coordination of services and to avoid duplication of services.

In an effort to support success, a kick-off meeting with over 100 attendees was held in Lansing on April 14 for Medicaid Health Plan Care Management Leaders and MiPCT Care Managers and PO Leaders.   The goals were to:

  • Create relationships between key experts at plans and MiPCT POs and practices
  • To discuss how best to work together for value for the benefit of our patients/members that avoids duplication and confusion
  • To develop ideas and models that will help to make partnerships more effective
  • To provide resources necessary to ensure success (today and into the future)

Posted below are key materials from the meeting.   Additional materials will be added over time as we work together to create the best and most coordinated approach for Medicaid members.


Medicaid HP-MiPCT Meeting 4.14.16

Work Flows: