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All-Payer Billing Collaborative Materials

May 12, 2015 In-person Session

MiPCT All-Payer Billing Collaborative Webinar

October 30, 2014 In-person session

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About the All-Payer Billing Collaborative

The structure includes half-day, in-person sessions supplemented with monthly webinars and supports a “train-the-trainer” spread of learning to other practices in the PO. Each interested PO is invited to select one or two practices (additional practices would be accommodated to the extent possible) to participate in the collaborative along with a PO representative. A team generally consists of:

  • PO leaders (executives/those responsible for financial planning)
  • Practice Managers
  • Billers and Coders
  • Care Managers

A physician from each practice team is involved in one webinar focusing on the physician’s role in coding and billing. The focus is on a multi-payer perspective, and experts from each participating commercial plan have generously agreed to be involved. Some pre-work is required of all participating teams. Four (4) Practice Learning Credits are available for teams that complete the work.

To sign up to participate in the All-Payer Billing Collaborative, please send an email to Please indicate the contact person within your PO, the PO name, and the practices you wish to involve.