Care Management Resource Center

The Michigan Care Management Resource Center (MiCMRC) will provide a mechanism to integrate the collective experiences from around the state and to provide resources and tools for Physician Organizations and Practice Units. Michigan practices are moving forward with next steps in the transformation process, which involves developing the advanced Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) capabilities of care management, self-management support and care coordination.

One component of the MiCMRC is an online web-based resource (, which will be live January 2012. The MiCMRC website will offer clinical tools and resources, specific for MiPCT POs, PHOs, and physician office participants, as well as practices statewide. The website is under construction; as an interim step, the clinical materials and resources for MiPCT POs, PHOs, physician practices will be temporarily posted on this website. For questions, please contact MiMRC at 

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Self-Management Resources:

The MiCMRC Approved Self-Management Support Program Summary document includes a summary of each of the training programs.  This summary includes the following details about each of the training programs: program contact, objectives, content outline, resources/tools, audience, modality, duration of training, location, cost, and more.  In this document, the Self-Management Support Training programs that are available for the PDCM Oncology Care Managers are highlighted in blue.  All training programs in this document are approved for the MiPCT Care Managers, and availability can be identified by communicating with the contact person for the training.  For questions, please contact

  • MiCMRC Approved Self-Management Support Program
  • Self-Management Support Tools & Resources
  • Community Resource Tool Template 10.17.2013:  The Michigan Care Management Resource Center (MiCMRC) has prepared a community resource tool template for MiPCT care managers, practice teams, and POs/PHOs.  The tool is provided as an Excel file that can be customized with agency contact information specific to the geographic region served within a particular practice.  Worksheets for specific resource topics are provided as well as website links and contact numbers for some statewide and national resources.  The Community Resource Tool Template was included as an attachment to the 10.21.2013 edition of the Practice FLASH.  This tool can serve as a community resource specific for your practice.

Orientation Guide:

Implementation Guide:

Job Descriptions and Training:

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