About MiPCT

The Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project (MiPCT) is a demonstration project testing the value of the patient centered medical home (PCMH) model. This model expands access to primary care while improving care coordination. The main principles of the PCMH model can be found here. This model has been increasingly important given the rise of multiple chronic diseases. The current model of health care delivery, with 15-minute in-person appointments and disconnected primary care physicians and specialists, is not working for patients or their doctors.

MiPCT addresses the shortcomings in the current system by providing capital to physicians to hire care coordinators and implement disease registries to track and follow up with patients, especially those with multiple chronic diseases. In addition, MiPCT pays physicians to expand office hours and offer same day appointments. Finally, MiPCT rewards physicians for improving their patients’ health and decreasing their need to go to the emergency room.

MiPCT began in 2012 as a three-year, multi-payer, state-wide project aimed at reforming primary care payment models and expanding the capabilities of patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) throughout the state. The selection of Michigan as one of eight states in the Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice Demonstration (MAPCP), sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), was the catalyst for bringing together Medicare, Michigan Medicaid Health Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network and Priority Health to improve upon the strong PCMH foundation in the state and create a uniform, sustainable primary care platform. The project demonstration period was extended for an additional two years (until December 31, 2016) upon the consent of CMS and all other participating payers. Michigan has the largest demonstration project in the country, reaching over 1.2 million patients served by 1900 providers in 350 primary care practices.

Focus areas include:

  • Care Management
  • Self-Management Support
  • Care Coordination
  • Linkages to Community Services

MiPCT provides assistance and support to providers and their practices by providing training for care managers, facilitating communication among practices and hosting Learning Collaboratives.

2016 Clinical Focus Areas include:

    • Addressing social determinants of health and overcoming barriers
      • Toolkit and white paper in development
  • Integrating behavioral health
    • Tiger Team toolkit and white paper in development
    • Advocacy: proposed CMS collaborative care model
    • Coordinating with BCBSM/Priority Health work
  • Patient registry and data support for population health
    • Registry and EHR User groups being formed for systems most-used by MiPCT practices
    • CMRC site visits to better understand and spread processes highly linked to HEDIS and STAR improvement
  • Integrating palliative and end-of-life care
    • Advocacy for CMS proposed advance care planning codes
    • Ongoing work with Palliative Care subject matter experts
  • Addressing appropriateness of care (e.g., Choosing Wisely program, etc.)


    • To launch in 2016

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